How we do it

We put fish first

Best fish welfare and growth conditions
The production systems are all in-house
16 dedicated employees
Full control of the production

Fredrikstad Seafoods is one of the world’s largest producers of salmon based on Recycling Aquaculture System – RAS

See why our salmon stands out from the crowd

In Fredrikstad Seafoods we believe that the overall objective is to give our fish the best possible conditions to grow and thrive. We believe that to achieve excellent quality and sustainable production we always need to put fish welfare first and we do our best every day never to compromise on this! When you eat salmon from Fredrikstad Seafoods the quality is unprecedented and you can be sure that it is produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way!

The results from this innovative production system is land-based eco-friendly salmon of superior quality, low mortality rates and efficient feed conversion rates. We believe that these results are grounded in our strong belief that we “put fish first” and that everything we do should support this objective.

The production systems are all in-house with strict biosecurity and with technology that re-circulates and cleans the water constantly. Monitoring and control systems are integrated into the facility so that production personnel can monitor, control and adjust important parameters like temperature, water exchange rates, salinity, O2 levels, CO2 levels and water chemistry. Through counterflow and stable and optimized conditions for growth and fish welfare, we are producing a fit fish that has distinct and recognizable quality and attributes.

As the production environment is on land and inside a building, several hundred meters from any open water source there are no risk of predators, sea lice or parasites entering the facility and no risk of salmon escaping from the facility or discharging of waste from the production to the environment. All we bring into the facility is clean and cleansed water from the river Glomma. All discharge is treated and disposed safely without any harm to the environment.

We have 16 dedicated full-time employees who are constantly working for optimal and stable conditions for the fish. As we believe that land-based salmon farming are not plug-and-play we have focused on bringing together a complementary team of people with varied skill-sets and competences, from experienced fish-farmers and processing personnel to veterinaries, biologists, electricians and mechanical engineers. All of which plays a vital role to bring technology and biology together to produce the best and most eco-friendly salmon available! As pioneers in this segment we are able to recruit skillful people with passion for innovation, sustainability and quality. Even though we always “put fish first” our people are the most important resource to enable us to bring this ambition to life.

Basically, production of salmon in a land-based production environment, has the same input factors and output factors as any farming operation, however we can control these factors to a larger extent. For example, we are able to obtain stabile temperatures, salinity and lighting all year through, which reduces stress on the fish and replicates continuous “perfect production conditions”.

With full control of the production we also collect all sludge and treat the water before it is safely returned to the water source.

Our production philosophy is grounded in a strong belief that we “put fish first” and that everything we do should support this objective.
Bernt Olav Røttingsnes CEO