About us


Fredrikstad Seafoods is Norway’s first large-scale land-based salmon farm. It has been in operation since May 2019 and delivered its first high-quality salmon to selected European customers in April 2020.

Atlantic Salmon Up To 5 Kilos
Production Capacity Of 1,500 MT
Weekly Distribution
World leader

Fredrikstad Seafood is a subsidiary of Nordic Aquafarms AS, a world leader in land-based fish farming. In addition to Fredrikstad Seafood, Nordic Aquafarms has production of Yellowtail Kingfish in Denmark and two farms under development in the US.

Top modern facilities

Fredrikstad Seafoods has complete grow-out infrastructure and on-site fish harvesting and will facilitate production of Atlantic Salmon up to 3.5-6.0 kilos, with annual production capacity of 1,500 MT. Fresh gutted salmon will be delivered on a weekly basis. The facility has 16 employees, is Global G.A.P approved and is in the process of being ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) approved.

Future solution

Our goal is to develop land-based salmon as a future solution to feed the planet. To achieve this goal, we have employed experienced and dedicated staff, who are constantly working for optimal conditions for the fish, producing high quality salmon for our demanding customers.

We offer weekly distribution of our land-based salmon to fishmongers, restaurants, and retailers Where to get it

Full control of the production

A sustainable, resource-efficient and eco-friendly way of feeding the world high quality seafood